Thursday, April 23, 2009

The best cheap wheels

- By Kevin Yu

However, because of the recession you want to keep the final price tag low. To help out, here are some recommendations from among the cars that I have tested in the last year. I hope that this story will aid in your search. The cars are in no particular order.

1. Honda Fit
Even with the recent redesign has not lost its sporty feel even though it will not be the most powerful car you have ever driven. New models even offer a navigation system to keep you from becoming economically lost. It is my top pick among small economy cars.

2. VW Jetta TDI
In this case, TDI means the Jetta in question comes with a very refined diesel engine that will net you excellent miles per gallon and still be fun to drive. Interior fit and finish are first class and, according to the diesel fans I have heard from, there is the promise of long life.

3. Nissan Versa (base)
Nissan recently announced a much-stripped-down version of the Versa that starts at under $10,000. It is roomy, actually fun to drive and got excellent gas mileage. You don't get a radio, there are roll up windows and manual door locks, but it is still a neat car. (Watch for an upcoming full road test.)

4. Scion xD
It is based on the Toyota Yaris and is a hoot to run errands in due to its small size. What we have in the xD is a very well made, inexpensive gas sipper with the expectation of long life and economical operation.

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