Sunday, April 12, 2009

Personal Finance: It pays to look on the positive side

- By Kevin Yu

Optimism. For months, it's been in rather short supply.

Like a lingering cold you can't shake off, the economy's blues just hang on. It's not just our bottom line that's been battered, but our psyches, too. And even if you haven't lost your job or aren't facing foreclosure, it's often hard to feel good.

So today on Easter, when thoughts turn to hope and new beginnings (if not marshmallow bunnies and chocolate eggs), it seems a good time to pause, take a collective deep breath and think some positive thoughts.

Because truthfully, in a personal-finance sense, we can't change the market's ricocheting ride nor can we instantly Botox our bank accounts.

But we can change how we take it all in. Here's how:

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