Friday, February 13, 2009

How to invest your money in 2009

By YiLin Zhu
Feb. 13 2009

The financial crisis started at the end of 2007 seems still continuing after the New Year. All the investors won’t forget what a terrible year it had been for them in 2008. During 2008, many successful investors was no longer looking for high return rate, instead they just expected not to lose. However, the year of 2009 will be no picnic for the investors either. So how to invest money in 2009 becomes a hot issue these days. The following is few tips for you to invest your money safely and smartly.

1. Real Estate
According to, there are over two million foreclosure properties listed in U.S. right now. Although it’s not a good news for America’s economy in general, but it indeed brings a great opportunity for the real estate investors. The prices are low, the number of distressed properties keep increasing and the home loan funding still have a historically low rate.

2. Gold
It is a difficult time for America, because of most of the assets are under performing. But gold has still able to remain its value. Gold is one of the safest objects that can prevent investors’ assets from the currency depreciation and real estate undervalue. Owning gold is good for hedging investors’ portfolio of stocks and properties as well.

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