Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ways to Pay for College

By Mei Ling Lin
The tough economy, give everyone a hard time, including current high school seniors and their parents. It’s hard to figuring out which college they or their child should attend and also how to pay for college, compare to the high school seniors in the past few years. Recently, some students don’t have ability to pay for expensive tuition, so that choose to go to community college, even they accepted by top schools. In addition, some current college students also have stresses to pay for the college base on their family income change in the downturn economic.
There are some hints can help you or your child to pay for college:
1. FAFSA (stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid), need to fill out and submit it as soon as possible after Jan1.of the year. You can go to the web site to fill out the online application form.
2. Federal Work Study Program and Stafford Loan, when filing the FAFSA application form, must select the Federal Work Study Program and Stafford Loan option. It provides an opportunity to work on campus to earn extra money and the Stafford Loan lend you money to pay for college with low interest rate.
3. Military Tuition Assistance Programs, the United States military can help you to get money for college.
4. Free scholarship and grant search, go to college web site to find the opportunities to apply school scholarship or outside scholarship
5. Participate in competitions such as writing to earn your free tuition
6. Get a part-time or summer job to earn money to pay for college
7. Parent Plus Loan, a Federal Parent Plus Loan, can help to pay college expenses with low interest rate
8. Uncle Sam, private loan

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