Monday, February 9, 2009

In Tough Times, Stick With Your Plan

A fighter pilot worries about the market, but he continues to buy.

By Jeffrey R. Kosnett
Posted by Greg Lipinski

Our Reader
WHO: Josh Andrews, 32, Married to Kelli, and father of Eli, 2
WHAT: Captain, USAF
WHERE: Moving to Creech AFB, Las Vegas
SYMPTOM: Spooked about his investments, Plus he may change careers in a few years.

Josh's job flying F-15s is dangerous enough. But these days, managing his investments can seem just as perilous as he watches stocks tumble toward earth.

Fortunately -- and perhaps not surprisingly for someone trained at the Air Force Academy -- Josh is disciplined.  Even though his six stock funds have lost from 28% to 46% so far this year, Josh diligently adds a few hundred dollars a month to several of them for his Roth IRA and his wife's spousal IRA.  He is surprised by the extent of the losses, but not terrified.  "I see the current market downturn as an opportunity to buy cheap," says Josh.

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