Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Students pay for internship

Posted by Rie Umano

Getting summer internship is one of important tasks for college students. The article, “Do you want an internship, it will cost you” states that the number of parents who help their kids to get summer internship by paying money to the company. Surprisingly, some parents buy internships outright in online charity auctions. While the economic goes worse and worse, the demand of internship-placement program has increased from 15% to 20% over a year. It seems like parents also understand that having summer internship is a huge advantage and something stands out in a competitive job market. However, the critics argue that there are huge unequal gap between affluent families and those who are relatively poor family. While those affluent families can afford for the expensive summer internship placement program, or have all kinds of connection to get their kinds the summer internship opportunity, those who are not affluent cannot get internships easily. The internship-placement program costs about $5000 to $9000. Those program guarantee the internship opportunity, otherwise, they refund your money. Other parents are paying for consultant for their kids to get an internship. They revise the students’ resumes and cover letters and mail them to hundreds of companies. In my opinion, the way to get an internship by paying money is wrong. Parents should not help their kids to get an internship because it just spoils them. You don’t pay for your job; you need to get paid for your job.



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