Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Choosing a Financial Planner

By Stephen Barile

Many people feel that having a professional manage their finances is the smartest way to manage their money. There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a financial planner or advisor. First consumers must find out the experience and education level that their potential planner has obtained. There are many certifications and certificates that a planner can obtain to show their qualifications. The CFP license is one of the most highly recognized. To obtain a CFP license a planner must complete courses and tests to prove their knowledge or finance and their competence in handling a client’s money. The consumer must also inquire how the planner is compensated. It is favorable to have a planner that is not making decisions with your money that will earn them a higher commission or salary. After finding a reputable planner it is an essential that the goals of the planner and consumer are in sync. It is also the responsibility of the planner to explain all of the risk and consequences of their decisions. If the consumer finds a reputable planner and lays out a sound financial plan it is possible to achieve all of their financial goals.

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