Monday, September 14, 2009

Green Sherpa a good option for students

Posted By Michael Rivezzo

Green Sherpa is a great option for students especially for freshman that start college. They offer personal finance software that consumers can track,budget, and plan finances and expenses. It also can forecast future cash flow based on past expenses and income.

Most financial planners want students to grab a pen track every expense they spend. But most students are busy with school work and other things that college students do on the weekends. So this software is an important necessity for every college student. The software categorizers all expenses and also alerts students when bills are due.

The software integrates bank accounts and also credit cards so you can combine all your personal finances into one application.One of my favorite applications that Green Sherpa offers is that you can make financial goals such as saving money for a car, and you can track the progress via the website.

The Green Sherpa software is available for a free 14-day trial then is available montly for 7.95 a month


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