Sunday, September 13, 2009

International Students need money for tuition

by Minjune Kim

Students who came from different countries may not able to afford huge college tuition but they still want to study in the states. They may find a student loan or scholarship to support their tuition. I found some articles to show how school offer them tuition or how student find the way to fund tuition

The new policy of Tuck Business School at Dartmouth should be a great benefit to suitable MBA candidates. The school has recently announced that intend to provide funding opportunities despite the current economic climate. The Tuck School of Business in collaboration with Dartmouth College has announced that it will offer a new institutional loan designed exclusively for international students. The school’s commitment to supporting its international students should in theory draw more applications and serious interest abroad. Funding will be made available at very competitive rates despite the existing pressures on loan availability and the economic climate. Tuck’s new loan was developed to provide financial assistance to international students without requiring a U.S. cosigner. A student with demonstrated financial need may borrow up to the cost of attendance, less other financial aid, based on a needs analysis by the financial aid office. The loan is already available for incoming students. It has zero origination fees and the rate to borrowers,currently 9 percent, is variable and adjusts annually.

To find scholarship, do not be afraid to take risks by stepping outside your personal and academic comfort zones. Apply for competitive international scholarship programs. The application process, while long and arduous, is a valuable learning experience that will help to clarify your goals. College is a rigorous, exhilarating process. As you set off to forge your own path, make it your mission to seek out research and fellowship opportunities along the way. The rewards are tremendously fulfilling, and in the end you will become a more adaptable and globally minded citizen of the world.

Here are some examples of students who pursue scholarship. Masha Brussevich, a senior economics major from Kazakhstan, has found many routes to pay for college."I got scholarships when I applied to Kent (State)," Brussevich said. "I used to be a (resident assistant). I thought it was a good opportunity, a great way to apply social skills, and I got to be hall enforcer. It was a lot of work. It was fun. But it was also kind of boring at times."Brussevich said she chose Kent State because she felt it was a good choice for her future."I always wanted to do something in business, and I like math," Brussevich said. "I chose Kent State because it has a good College of Business and Administration, and I was familiar with the area."Tian Zhuang, freshman zoology major from China, was attracted to Kent State because of the environment."I liked this environment because it is smaller and better for studying," Zhuang said. "Also, it was easy to be accepted here.""In high school, I was an exchange student in Chicago for 10 months," Zhuang said. "Chicago is a big, loud city - not good for studying."Zhuang has an F1 student visa and is currently looking for a job on campus.

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