Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Posted By Adam Lindheim

BusinessWeek asked business undergrads to tell us about their favorite professors. Here's another installment in the series.

Not too many college-aged kids can say they have already created a personalized mutual fund 401(k) plan. But North Carolina State University finance professor Bill Sloan's students can. After developing a diversified portfolio from a menu of 12 to 13 investment choices and quantifying their risk tolerance, these personal finance students are prepared to deal with their retirement savings before they've even joined the workforce.

Preparing students for their future can pay off. North Carolina State undergrad business students who responded to BusinessWeek's 2007 survey, frequently named Sloan as their favorite professor. He has also received the Distinguished Undergraduate University Professor award at North Carolina State. Students say his real-world application of classroom material and depth of knowledge make him a star teacher.

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