Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chinese investment

posted by Shawn Gao

People in China are willing to invest their money in stock market.
Today, many experts predict that China is the first country that gets out of the recession. As result, Chinese GDP for the first three quarters is above 7percent. Comparing with other developing countries, it GDP growth rate is dramatic higher. The consumer’s buying confidence has been built up this year. Chinese people are willing to invest their extra money in Chinese stock market. People opened their bank account in order to get quick money from the stock market. Chinese stock market has already reached the bottom line; now the index of the stock market is above 3000 points. (The beginning of this year is only 1800) Currently, people are spending their money as they did in 2007. The housing price has been gone up. Shanghai and Beijing, lead-housing price in China, have been reflecting Chinese economy is going well. On August, Chinese Government just started its Chinese NASDAQ. Many new IPO have been operated. And Chinese people now are going to allocate some of their extra money in the new stock market so as to build their wealth.

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