Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Investing Wisely With Your Money

Posted By, Meredith Anderson

Use your mad money to make money
When you see the market moving fast, it's tempting to swing for the fences. Here's how to play the game safely.
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By Christopher Davis, Morningstar
If you were like many investors, you probably wanted to stuff any extra cash you had under your mattress last year. With the markets experiencing their worst crisis since the 1930s, few people had an appetite for risk of any kind. Now that the markets have roared away from their lows -- and the world looks less scary -- you might be willing take some chances.

In fact, you just may not be able to help yourself. In his book "Your Money & Your Brain," author Jason Zweig discusses why we're motivated by the prospect of reward, whether it comes in the form of money, food, drink or other primal, feel-good desires.

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