Sunday, December 6, 2009

American’s Are Still in a Charitable Mood: Other Way to Give

By: Sara Sindelar

The Holidays are a time for giving to the less fortunate. Though, this year there may be many more who are in need, only 20% of Americans say they are reducing what they will be giving to charity this year. People feel that due to the economy it is more important to give to those in need more than ever, states the American Red Cross poll.

With giving comes tax deductions which help both those receiving the gift and those giving. Those giving to individuals receive an annual gift tax exclusion which allows one to give up to $13,000.

Though many people may be able to keep up with their charitable contributions many are becoming their own charity. With the economic hard times people are struggling to donate the way that they always have to charities and individuals. Though, money is not the only way to give back to your community and foundations. Places are looking for volunteers and any other way you can give time or help to their organization. Here are some suggestions on how to get involved passed money with your favorite organization.

First, Take your professional skills and use them to help out. Second, Clean our your own attic or garage and donate things you never use or sell them and give the money to the foundation. You can see if your credit card gives points to donate to your charity or partner with your company for matching-gift programs. Ask your family to donate to your charity of choice instead of getting you a gift. You can also organize your own fundraiser like a walk a thon or bake sale. There are still many other ways to give in a hard economic time during this holiday season.

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  1. I am surprised that the amount of people giving to charity didn't decrease by more. The economy is technically on the up but little have seen the effects of that and many people find themselves with no extra money to give anymore.
    -Lindsey Connell