Friday, December 11, 2009

Best Stocks for 2010

By: Nicole Nelson

Although the financial crisis has caused some people to be weary of investing their money, business magazines have posted their opinions on stocks that will do well in 2010. They believe that these stocks will prosper even if the market does not do so. Topping the list is MasterCard. MasterCard had surprisingly good results in 2009 considering it is a consumer-dependent company. They believe if more people use cards and total dollar volume increased (like most analysts believe it will), MasterCard will earn more. In second is Amedisys. Amedisys is a health care company that has suffered greatly in the past year. But, with our population aging, our country is in more need for health services. Analysts believe this company will thrive and recover in the upcoming year. Qualcomm comes in third for best stocks for 2010. This company’s chips are in one third of the world’s cell phones today. Although the past year hasn’t been the greatest for mobile phones, it is expected that people will start buying again once the world economy stabilizes and more companies adapt 3g networks. Other stocks rounding out the top 10 include less known businesses such as Vorndao, American Tower,, Baxter Industries and Petrowhawk Energy. So although the market has obviously had its ups and down the stocks discussed are believed to thrive in the next year.

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