Friday, December 11, 2009

The Cost of Dining Out

By Shawn Chandok

As college students, we love to make excuses. One mantra for life is “I was too busy and didn’t have time.” However, there is 1 big cost associated with this problem, and that is dining out. We all complain how much we hate the dining hall food; however that doesn’t make any change. Using that as another excuse, we love to splurge our money and eat out. It is averaged that each dining out meal costs an average of $26, however since we are in Syracuse and close to a university this number is most likely around $20. Ask yourself how many times you eat out a week? 2? 3? 4? Not taking into consideration anything else, that is almost $60/week of simply food that you could be saving by cooking yourself. Not only that, but by staying home and cooking you are also learning to cook and are at a lower risk of eating unhealthy foods. Furthermore, when you waste such money on eating out you may feel satisfied the moment after you ate, however you always feel stupid for wasting money. In conclusion, it is always more healthy and cheaper to eat in and not splurge unnecessary money on outside meals. This is a very important consideration to take into account during finals week when everyone is in the library till 4 am and have food cravings.


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