Friday, December 11, 2009

Best Jobs

BY: Nicole Nelson

Money/ has come out with the best jobs in America for 2009. The top fifty take into account great pay and growth prospect. Systems Engineer, Physician Assistant, College Professor, Nurse Practitioner, and Information Technology Project Manager top this list. When just looking at the highest pay, Anesthesiologist, Physician/Ob-Gyn, Psychiatrist, Nurse Anesthetist and Sales Director have the highest median salaries. The median salary for Anesthesiologist was $292,000 and this job was ranked eleventh on the full list. When looking strictly at job growth, Telecommunications Network Engineer tops this list with 21,000 total jobs and a 53% 10-year growth. This job ranks 30th on the full list. Following this on the best jobs based on Job Growth is Systems Engineer, Personal Financial Advisor, Veterinarian and Senior Financial Analyst. When just considering the job with the least stress, an Education/Training Consultant tops the list with 60% of people who have this job saying it is low stress. This is followed by a Physical Therapist with 59.5% of workers saying their job is low stress. Security wise, Emergency Room Physician and General Surgeon top the list of Job Security with 100% of workers saying their job is secure. If you are looking for a job with flexibility, 40-43% of Sales Directors, Software Product Managers and Software Development Directors say their jobs are flexible. If you would like to work in a position with future growth, 87-93% of Product Management Directors, Intelligence Analysts and Psychiatrists believe their jobs will grow in the future. Finally, on the basis of satisfaction, Nurse Anesthetists, Anesthesiologists and Training and Development Managers seem to be the most satisfied.

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