Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why You Don't Always Need A College Degree

Posted by Lindsey Connell

For years, I told friends and family that I wouldn’t go to college if it wasn’t required in order to practice law. When I decided that law wasn’t for me, I seriously considered giving up on college altogether.

My reasoning was fairly simple, though the reaction I get from most people is something along the lines of: “What? You can’t be serious! A college education is the only way to make money! People without degrees fail!” Heeding this fear-mongering myth, many students my age are spending $50,000+ each on their degrees; some will spend more with graduate and post-graduate studies. But is it worth it?

College has become a kind of a rat-race; the value of a degree is often based on social perception rather than concrete education. The nicer the college one is accepted to, the better one looks, the more likely one is to get a job — at least, thus goes the general belief. This is actually not entirely true, as we’ll be discussing in a bit.

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