Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Cost of Ending A Marriage

By, Meredith Anderson

Many wouldn't usually think about divorce as a business, however the shocking truth is that divorce is $28 million dollar a year-industry in the United States. The average divorce is about $20,000. When we think of divorce we think of how sad and emotional it is for everyone involved. We tend not to think about the finical price tag on happiness.

When a relationship is bad and you want to get out of it to be happy, its unfortunate that money can be a reason that keeps you in it. Its ironic how much money can break up the marriage in the first place but keep people in the marriage because the cost of divorce is more then they can afford.

So how does it get so expensive? In most divorce cases lawyers and other legal expenses are required. Lawyers are extremely expensive and many times two are needed. We tend to forget that with divorce comes separate living situations, so many times a new home must be obtained. Finally one of the hardest and most expensive parts of divorce is when children are involved. Child support, alimony, and other expenses will add up for years to come. You can leave your spouse but you have legal responsibilities to your children.



  1. it is interesting to realize that people actually make their careers around divorces - Nicole Nelson

  2. With the increasing amount of divorces it is just going to keep being a growing industry. As sad as it is that people benefit from divorce it will keep becoming a popular business.
    Posted By: Sara Sindelar