Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Marrying finances - for the second time

Posted by: Nicole Nelson

Written by: Karen Cheney

When Kimerby and Tony Simmons were married last month at a vineyard in the foothills outside Atlanta, they participated in the African-American tradition of jumping over a broom - an act symbolizing their entrance into a new phase of life together.

For Tony, 41, this was the second time making such a leap, his previous marriage having ended in divorce. That breakup "put a big dent in my finances," says the software sales executive. "I thought there was no way I was getting into another relationship."

But then, on a flight from Chicago to Atlanta, he met Kimberly. And, soon, he fell in love. "It was the flight that changed our lives," says Kimberly, 39, for whom this is a first marriage.


  1. Because divorce has become some common these days it is very important for people to understand how their finances will be affected. The division of money and assets during a divorce can be messy. When re-marrying, people are usually more cautious because they have experiences with sharing money. -Kelsey Hoffman

  2. I agree that people should be more direct and open about the financial aspects of a marriage; however, they might be somewhat uncomfortable to talk about, especially the prenuptial agreement. - Alma Zhumagulova

  3. I actaully read this article too. It is sad to think that finances and emotional feelings can have such an impact on each other. Divorce can really change your life way beyond emotional changes.
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    Meredith Anderson