Monday, November 2, 2009

Personal Finance: Investing by gender

Men are from risk; women are from caution

SOUTH BURLINGTON — Women and men have different investment habits: Women tend to be more conservative while men are more willing to risk their savings with an aggressive portfolio, a longtime financial adviser said.

“Women, as a whole, are conditioned to seek safety and avoid risks,” said Heidi Clute, owner of Clute Wealth Management in South Burlington. “It’s part of our upbringing.”

“Most women tend to be a lot more conservative in asset allocation strategies,” said Clute, who has been advising clients on financial matters for 29 years. “Women tend to be more defensive in where they invest their money. And men tend to be more aggressive.”

Women on average live longer than men — meaning savings must be stretched for additional years. Women typically earn less than their male counterparts, prompting them to invest more conservatively, Clute said.

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Posted by: Amy Nightingale

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  1. This is definitely subjective to who the person is because I know some people are the absolute opposite despite their gender. -Kelsey Hoffman