Sunday, November 1, 2009

Donate Your Stuffs

posted by Shawn Gao
When we entered supermarkets, like Wegmans and Price Chopper, in the account desk, there were sign that show we donate money for every time we shop there. These signs are trying to let us know that many hungers need our help. And there maybe something we can do for them. For example, we can donate something for them, In Syracuse, there are many places accept people’s donations. At the end of every term, students can donate their needless books and clothes in the students’ centers. Also, there is a donation center in Erie Blvd where may accept a variety of things that people don't want to have. During economy recession, many people are hungry to death. For people who don't desire money and food so much can do something to help out the poor. After the Halloween, people may have a great amount of candy left. For these candies, people can donate these candies in the original wrapper to those donation centers. Before donations, remember to call the centers to make sure whether they accept those candies or not. People can do something good for the poor with some institutions. Ronald MacDonald House Charities, which includes a program that provides housing for parents of children staying in nearby hospitals. Some people may need help from others. Let us donate something.


  1. Especially due to the current economic situation, many more people are in need of aid, so donations are very important. The only sad part is that during these economic hard times, people will be more likely to hold onto their money and less likely to donate. - Jonathan Tse

  2. I think that if people want to give they will give even during these difficult times. It doesn't require them to give something substantial, but some things that you don't need. - Alma Zhumagulova