Friday, November 6, 2009

Daycare is A Major Cost for Working Parents

By: Sara Sindelar

When people start up a job they don’t always factor in the cost of childcare for the future. When you have both parents working and their children are under school age, daycare is a must. If it is a nanny, which can get very expensive, a public or private day care or a family member who will help out you need an option. Daycare is a must for working parents to keep their jobs. With rising fees like licensing and inspections that are being proposed are causing fear among parents. The issue of daycare varies across the nation. Some states are fighting for the best option for the residents while others are raising fees and getting strict on laws.

Daycare today is growing in cost averaging from $250 to $1250 per month. Some companies offer daycare but costs are still high. When looking for a job daycre may be something you think about in your compensation package. Another way to discount your daycare costs is to see if your employer offers a tax-free spending account for childcare like most offer a health care tax free spending account. Though this is not something recent graduates may be looking into in a job it is something to think about for the near future.

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