Monday, November 2, 2009

Pay less to stay warm this winter

Posted by Jonathan Tse

Money Magazine) -- This year you can score a rare recession-induced break on your energy bill: The combination of a weak economy and a production boom has dropped the cost of heating with natural gas to a six-year low and is keeping a lid on other heat sources as well. But you can still save more. These questions will help you figure out the most cost-effective ways to keep out the cold.

How much will I pay for heat this winter?

If you use natural gas, you'll spend $434 to $1,044 to keep your home toasty, according to the Energy Information Administration. That is 3% to 22% less than last year. You'll also catch a break if you use propane, which is a byproduct of natural gas, since propane prices are forecast to fall 12%. If you heat with oil, you won't be so lucky: Depending on where you live, you'll spend $912 to $1,722, or 0.3% to 18% more. Electric heat costs will range from $792 in the West to $1,526 in the Northeast.

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  1. Interesting sucks that we have to pay in order to survive the winter.