Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Investing by burgers and beer

By Beth Kowitt, reporter
November 3, 2009
Posted by Alma Zhumgulova

NEW YORK (Fortune) -- You decide you're going to have some friends over to watch a little NASCAR. You hit the supermarket and buy some burgers, hot dogs and a 12-pack. You get home, fire up the grill, turn on the tube and let your dog out.

What does all this have to do with investing?

Steaks, beer, cable, car racing, pets -- those are all businesses that Intrepid Capital (ICMBX) fund manager Mark Travis owns stock in. They don't exactly fit the traditional definition of consumer staples, but even in an economic downturn, he says they're not going away.

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  1. That picture you have is very unique. I liked this article because it was very interesting. I would never have thought about investing in things like hamburgers and beer, but the article has a point. These are things that remain popular no matter what the condition of the economy so investing in them is a good idea. -Jonathan Tse

  2. This thought of investing in the recession proof companies and items is ideal but I am sure just as risky as any other stock. This was a great article choice.
    Posted By: Sara Sindelar